Always There For Me

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| March, 10 2020 | for Daniel C. Lazowick, DO, FACP

I have been a patient of Dr Lazowick about 18 years. He has been there for me when my mother passed. shortly after that my then 30 year old daughter was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. She had great care by her oncologists and I had Dr Dan. She lived 14 years beyond expectations, about 12 more than most thought she would. Dr Lazowick was there for me again.
In the years that followed, I became septic 2x requiring more hospital time. Again, he was there.
Recently, I was one my to an appt with Dr Lazowick. As I was pulling into the parking space, the car surged forward and I smashed into the wall of the parking garage.
I was taken to the ED. I asked the Nurse to call the office to let Doctor know why I was wasn't keeping my appt. He was in touch with the ED who had done lots of tests. Besides all the contusions, bruises, open fracture and multiple lacerations, they told me the bad news was that I had pneumonia and RSV. Shortly after that, there he was reassuring me that everything was ok and considering the situation everything was going to be ok. It has almost been 3 months since that episode. My lacerations are healed. My thumb required surgery. Fortunately, I had a previous relationship with a hand surgeon who just happened to be on call. She operated the next day. The thumb will never be completely straight but I almost have my grip back. Did I say that Dr Lazowick has referred me to her in the past?
So my message is Thank You, Dr Lazowick for always being there for me through the good time and bad.