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Susan J
| January, 19 2024 | for Steven L. Gerber, MD
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I'm a reasonably healthy, 75-year-old widow. I have no remaining immediate family and live alone. My closest relatives are nieces and cousins, all who live some distance away. Yet I never fear for my health or if there will be someone there if I need them in a health emergency. That is my doctor, Dr. Steven Gerber. He's been my primary care doctor for three years and if, or when, there is any sort of health issue I'm facing, he is only a phone call away. That is shear peace-of-mind. He keeps me focused on healthy living. He does not treat me as being old/elderly. He just treats me as a patient he wants to keep healthy. I actually look forward to my annual physical with him because he leaves no stone unturned in examining me and assuring that everything is in good working order. Thanks, Dr. Gerber for all that you do for me! God bless!