Always there for me!

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| March, 12 2020 | for James P. Harkins, MD
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I have many stories about my doctor, Jim Harkins...too many to count. I have been with him for over 30
years. That does say something. He is always there for me and I have complete trust in his care.

A few years ago, I was having terrible stomach pain. I did call my GI doc but was told he could not see me for a week or so. I called Jim’s office and
was told to come in. As soon as he evaluated me- I was told to go right to the hospital where I was admitted (for 6 days) for diverticulitis.

I do tend to wait to make an appt- hoping to get better. As soon as I do see Jim however, I immediately know, he will help fix my issue. Believe it or not... sometimes I start to
feel better as soon as he walks into the room! He has a magic touch and a great staff- which completes the package.

In this day and age, I count myself fortunate to have such a knowledgeable, caring and empathetic physician.