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| February, 11 2024 | for Greg Beato, DO, CAQ, FACOI
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My doctor (Dr. Beato) is amazing in general, and has solved problems quickly and effectively for me, and addressed some major problems for my father, who is also a patient. This one isn't the most important, but it's the most recent, and a great representation of his work and efforts.

I was on vacation at Park City and tweaked my knee in an odd wreck that put me out for the rest of the day, and likely the rest of the trip. Then overnight we got over a foot of snow, making the following day one of the most epic ski days I've ever had - except I was parked. I don't have significant experience with knee issues, so I was concerned about how to proceed, and obviously didn't want to do further damage just for an extra bit of fun. I had committed to staying in for the day and at the last minute decided to text Dr. Beato (who was also on vacation). He called back quickly and we ran through a self-diagnosis and determined that the most likely explanation meant some tenderness, but no real risk of future damage. Dr. Beato said "it's easy to say no", but instead evaluated the situation and gave direction so I could get on the mountain, where I had a full day of amazing skiing all over the mountain with no issues.

In the grand scheme of things, a ski trip isn't important. But I use the MDVIP service and Dr. Beato because I want something more than a doctor to solve problems as they come up. As I age, I don't expect less from my body or my health than I did when I was "in my prime". I love the level of preventative care and planning for future good health we do as part of our program. While this recent ski trip isn't important on it's own, it's part of an active lifestyle which is important to me to maintain, and I get the answers and qualified input from a professional with a relationship to keep me living life to its fullest.

Than ks for being there!