Always there when I need him

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| March, 4 2020 | for R. Scott Mills, MD

When I first learned that Dr. Mills was becoming a VIP doctor, I was not his patient, but I knew Dr. Mills and had friends who were his patients. Before long, I knew I wanted in on this beautiful arrangement. I'm so glad I did! Since that time I have had several health challenges, including chronic migraine and breast cancer. Dr. Mills has ALWAYS made me feel like my health and well-being were his utmost concern and has walked me off the ledge, so to speak, more times than I can count when my healthcare became overwhelming. Best of all, he is ALWAYS just an email of phone call away. If I need anything, I have an answer within minutes - not hours or days. Thank you, Dr. Mills, for always making me feel important. You have a patient for life in me!