The Amazing Dr. Pinsky

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| March, 12 2020 | for Mark F. Pinsky, DO

When I first moved to Florida, I was nervous about finding a new healthcare team. Two weeks after moving here, I had to be hospitalized because of Pancreatitis. I had no primary care physician and didn't know what to do. I suffer from PTSD and depression with chronic pain and didn't know where to turn. I looked on MDVIP as I had a concierge practice in Washington, DC and my physician there told me that it would be best for me to stay with this kind of practice. When I searched the site, I saw Dr. Pinsky. He had kind eyes and I loved his background. I was nervous because I thought there would be no one like my previous physician. I made an appointment with Dr. Pinsky and found that my thoughts about him were true. I enjoyed meeting with him and I loved the fact that he started this practice because he wanted to spend more time doing what he loved and that was caring for his patients without a time limit. I made an immediate decision to join his practice and I found that I was in great hands and that leaving my previous physician would not be a problem. He made eye appointments for me as well as dermatological appointments. He has understood my issues and he and his staff have made it very easy for me to not only get appointments but made appointments with practices that would take my issues into consideration. I am so happy and confident in both Dr. Pinsky and his staff.