Anne Radcliffe

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| March, 27 2023 | for Ann H. Radcliffe, MD

I have been seeing Dr. Radcliffe for years. When I felt like something was off she always listened and sent me to other professionals to verify/diagnose what the problem was. She helped diagnose a parathyroid issue, and we got it addressed before any detrimental bone loss occurred. When she moved to MDVIP, there was no way I wasn't going with her (no matter how much it cost). Dr. Radcliffe keeps up to date on alternative health treatment; when I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and not able to wear the CPAP, she referred me to a dentist who fitted me for a mandibular repositioning device (way before they became popular). I have been pleasantly surprised by the MDVIP program. I can contact Dr. Radcliffe any time of day and get a response fast. Now that I am older, I really appreciate the full spectrum testing and preventative care. I am very pleased with Dr. Radcliffe and MDVIP.