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| October, 25 2023 | for Bill Grabenstein, MD
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I was a patient many years before Dr Bill moved to MDVip and I have been more than pleased with the benefits that my membership has afforded me. The accessibility and appointment time is a true luxury in a time when most other clinical offices are forced to rush you in and out. When he was considering partnering with MDVip he was very considerate about weighing the costs vs the benefits and wanted to see the benefit for his patients, In a community where he has an impeccable reputation, Dr Bill could book people back to back all day long in 10 min slots but that is not the way he chooses to care for his patients. He sits down and listens and Tonya (FNP) and/or is staff is always available and they are never rushed to hear my concerns. He has an excellent education, many years of experience with all types of patients and he is always learning and watching! case in point, several years ago I had a rare venous blockage and am otherwise super healthy. Long story short, several well respected specialists and many tests and procedures later I still had no answer. Luckily, I went to Dr Bill with my concerns and told him that no one was able to find the problem. He looked at me and said that clinically he felt like they were missing the target and that he had read about some similar cases and was aware of a new procedure for a condition that was often overlooked. With his recommendation and referrals I was off to two different specialists. Turns out my "intestinal blockage", "diverticulitis", "pancreatitis" was an ishial vein blockage and Dr Bill was friends with one of the top specialists in the world, Dr Stephen Daugherty, who had pioneered the procedure to fix this! Two weeks later I was as good as new and 9 years later my simple stent is working perfectly.
Dr Grabenstein has been there for my entire family for years and we can't say enough about him! We are blessed to have him and Tonya as caregivers and are thankful that he joined MDVip so that he can continue to run his practice the way he sees fit.