Avoided Doctors all my life

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| March, 21 2023 | for Kit D. Kuss, MD, FAAFP

Dr Kuss is the first and only doctor I have seen voluntarily. I grew up as a marine corps dependent, we had no family doctor, no continuity of care. I was drafted during Viet Nam and joined the Air Force. In the Air Force, the flight surgeon was an excellent way to be placed on DNIF (duties not including flying). Have seen far to many good pilots fall to the conservative doctors. At 65 I aged out of on base care and heard about Dr Kuss. That saved my life. I am 77 now and still kicking, after stage 4 cancer and a triple bypass. All this is Kit Kuss’s fault. He is one of the “good” ones. I feel joined at the hip with my doctor but your increasing fees have made me look around. One more increase will break my back! Rated Kuss 5 stars MDVIP minus 1.