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| August, 26 2020 | for Jacqueline T. Pearson, MD

There truly are no words that can express my gratefulness to have Dr. Jacqueline Pearson as my physician. She has been a part of my healthcare for the past 17 years, and she has never let me down. She continues to provide the Best of the Best compared to any other physician in the Atlanta Metro Atlanta. It begins from the Reception, the Medical Assistant, and then to Dr. Pearson. Her staff is a compliment to her, and it is obvious she takes care of them as there is little to no turnover. Recently I had a medical problem, and I called her office at 7:30a. By 9a.m. I received a phone call from her MA sharing she spoke with Dr. P, & they have already scheduled a STAT scan, and they would call me after the scan. The scan was done by 1pm, at 1:30p I had a call from Dr. P, and she had already scheduled an appointment with a specialist. This is what I mean about her being the best. She truly cares about you, your health, and wants you to have the best care either from her or a specialist she chooses just for you. This type of care and service is what defines Dr. Pearson as the ultimate medical professional that truly cares. The physician/patient relationship she develops with you is amazing. And trust me if you forget something about your own medical history she can tell you without looking it up in your chart! Her memory is remarkable. I never enjoyed going to a physician for preventative care until I met Dr. Pearson. Now that I am aging after all these years with her I am so lucky to have her medical knowledge, experience, care , and most importantly Dr. P on my side. She truly amazes me with her medical knowledge and approach to make health issues better. There are not many patients out there that say they love their physician, but I will say it over and over and over again - I love Dr. Pearson & am forever grateful to have her on my side thru good times, bad times, sick times, and happy times! Just as any FYI - she can be funny too, and provide you with a laugh for too - love that about her! Thank you Dr. Pearson from the bottom of my heart for always caring about my health like you do. You truly are the best!!