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| March, 14 2020 | for Dragan Djordjevic, MD

The first time I met Dr. Djordjevic was somewhere in the mid-90's when my mother was hospitalized with heart problems. I was impressed by how skillfully he interacted with other doctors and nurses, and the care he gave my mother. My doctor was retiring from Northwestern, and I soon became his patient.

A few years later, my mother had an exploratory operation to see if her valve could be replaced. It could not. I was living with her at the time, and shortly thereafter, I noticed she would eat breakfast and immediately return to bed. I called Dr. Djordjevic who sent a nurse to take a blood test the next day. "I can tell anything from a blood test," he would say. Her kidneys were failing and we didn't know it. She was in dialysis within the week. Six month later she died at home from her heart condition at 5 pm. Never having been around a dead person, I called Dr. Djordjevic, who told me to call the paramedics. She had flat lined and they left thinking the Anatomical Association would pick her up. Well, when I called them, I discovered that after 5 pm, they only pick up people from hospitals. Another call to Dr. Djordjevic and he arranged for admittance to emergency. The police who had come took her there. I've always appreciated his help and follow through in a stressful situation.

This past summer, my son, who has Crohn's, called me saying he had stomach pains, and wanted to go emergency. Since my son rarely complains, Dr. Djordjevic thought emergency was a good idea. He wanted to go to Rush in Skokie because it"s closer than downtown and it's where he sees his Gastroenterologist. We did not know that Rush Skokie now only does Orthopedic surgery. He was transferred by ambulance to a nearby hospital and two feet of his colon was removed. After a month in the hospital with little bowel improvement and another surgery looming, I called Dr. Djordjevic. He had my son transferred to Rush downtown the next day. ( I was told by the hospital a transfer could take a week if not up to three weeks). He remained at Rush for 8 days and went to rehab for two weeks. No further surgery was necessary and he's doing well.

It's always comforting to know youth re in good hands. Besides being always available, Dr. Djordjevic has made excellent referrals to specialists, and keeps on top of our conditions. Several years ago, when we were notified that Dr. Djordjevic was joining MDVIP, we did not hesitate to come on board. And, it's great not have to sit forever in his waiting room.