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| March, 21 2020 | for Robert P. Zaino, MD

When Dr. Zaino went to MDVIP there wasn't a doubt that I would follow him.

Dr. Zaino is not only a phenomenal doctor, but an amazing person as well. When my husband was ill, and on bedrest, Dr Zaino came to our home to make sure that he was doing okay. We all knew Dr Zaino was terrific prior to this, but this confirmed he was top notch. My husband has since passed, and I know that I am being well taken care of and all my medical needs are being met.

There isn't a doubt that Dr Zaino has my best intentions in mind and I feel comforted knowing he is a phone call away. Dr Zaino always takes his time and is never is a rush. I feel that I am his only priority while I am with him. There has never been a time in which I couldn't be seen - he even took me on his lunch hour once!

I am blessed to have Dr Zaino as my doctor.