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| March, 16 2020 | for Helene C. Freeman, MD, FACP

In 2013 I went to the hospital over the week-end with severe back pain. After a number of x-rays it was determined that I had simply pulled some muscles working out with dead weights.

They gave me a shot and I returned home a happy person.
The following Monday I received a call from Doctor Freeman inquiring about my visit. She had received copies of the x-rays from the hospital.
I explained that I was fine and that the pain had gone away. They had checked all the x-rays and found nothing wrong.
She was not so convinced. Because of her impeccable eye, she found a tiny spot on my lung that bothered her. No one at the hospital had seen it.
She sent me back the same day for a CT-Scan.
To make a long story short....I ended up at Georgetown University Hospital with lung cancer.
It's the kind of thing that I would never have thought could happen to me. I'm not a smoker and I live a very healthy life style. If it had not been for this totally random hospital visit and the amazing eye of Dr. Helene Freeman, it is very likely that I would not be here today. This sort of thing wouldn't be detected in your yearly physical.
I know every day how lucky I am to have such an amazing doctor. And every Thanksgiving I give thanks for Doctor Freeman