Best Doctor Relationship EVER!

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| March, 6 2020 | for Steve W. Smith, MD
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I'm old enough, and I've moved enough over my lifetime, to have had a significant number of doctors. My wife and I are both patients of Dr. Steve Smith. He genuinely cares about his patients. He is not satisfied if we aren't in the best possible health (we try hard to do our part too). He will work tirelessly on our behalf. I love that he's a medical geek, he's always learning. And he is so patient, he takes the time to help us understand how to attain our optimal health. Sometimes it's through behavioral changes on our part, others via more holistic medical approaches, and other times it's through plan old traditional medicine. But the unique thing through it all is that Dr. Smith really cares about me, and it shows through in what he says and how he says it.