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| February, 10 2023 | for I. Torin Gray, MD

I first meet Dr Gray about sixteen years ago. My daughter was working for him while she was going to Occupational Therapist school. I had a lot of things going on with my health. Dr Gray is the one that saved my life. I could never repay him for helping me get through a lot of my health issues. Dr Gray is just not my Dr, but he is also my friend. You don’t meet Drs like him. He is always there when I have any health problems come up. He has the best nurse in the world. Her name is Mindy. I love you dearly Dr Gray and Mindy. Both of you are my rock. I wished my family could use him as their Dr. He will do whatever it takes to find what your problem is. Thank you Dr Gray for taking such good care of me. And thank you Mindy for being my bestie. My family thanks both of you.❤️😊