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Donna M
| March, 12 2020 | for Robert E. Ellis, MD

I have been a patient of Bob Ellis since Spring of 1988, which says what an excellent Dr I feel he is !! My mother was in a Nursing Home for 4 years back in the late 1990's if it were not for his phone expertise and knowledge in speaking with the Nursing Home, she would not have lived thru several health crisis, This I continue to be so grateful and appreciate of. He is the most caring, compassionate Dr. I could ever wish for and consider him as a friend as well. He has been there for me thru breast cancer, back surgery and many other lesser illnesses. His knowledge of drugs and their interactions, along with his diagnostic skills, are the absolute best!! He is a very easy person to talk to, and a great listener, never making you feel ingorant for the questions you might ask. I have spent over 30 years in the hospital field, and know that there is no better Internist than Bob Ellis!