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| March, 17 2020 | for Rolf W. Meinhold, MD

Doctor Meinhold is complemented by his outstanding staff, Vicki and Tammi. As a team they have provided me with 6 years of outstanding service! I have used the Benefits of the MD/VIP program when traveling out of town and needed care. Through Tammi and Vicky, they set me up with an out of town doctor the same day!
Dr. Meinhold is one of the most knowledgeable doctors that I have been to since coming to his practice 6 years ago. As bad as I feel walking into his office, I always feel better when I leave. He just has that kind of personalty that makes you feel good. No matter what my issue is, before I see any specialist doctor, I see Doctor Meinhold first. There was only one occasion that he recommended a specialist and his staff made the appointment for me. What service!
Thank you Doctor Meinhold for taking my late night calls and for all the great service I have received from you and your staff.