Bon Voyage!

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| January, 29 2024 | for René F. Cruz, MD

Recently my husband and I traveled on a 10 day cruise. We arrived at city of port destination the night before embarkation, as to avoid any traffic problems or issues to delay arrival. As we left hotel to arrive at port, I placed my prescription seasick patch. The patch was defective and would not adhere. I had another patch with me, but would need the additional later in the cruise. I located a pharmacy nearby, same company who had originally filled prescription. I explained my dilemma and Pharmacist was compassionate. However, she required a new prescription to give me a new patch. Did I mention it was a Sunday morning and a Holiday? Pharmacist offered to call Dr Cruz office in hopes of him receiving a message timely. I explained that I was a member of MD VIP and she recommended I call or send a text to expedite. I was hesitant to do so because it was Sunday morning and a Holiday. I also remembered that I had received an email in the previous week, stating that the office was closed a few days. Well, I sent a text and Dr Cruz responded within moments. He authorized the refill electronically immediately and I was able to get prescription within 20 minutes! I placed patch and we were on our way to Port, on time! So grateful he saved my day and trip! I do suffer from seasickness and I could have been miserable without patch. We are appreciative of Dr Cruz and staff throughout the year. He is always compassionate, willing to listen, answer our questions. He is patient, never rushes you at an appointment, offers recommendations, support, and solutions to our issues. Many many thanks again!!