can only give 5 stars but would easily give more.

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| March, 2 2018 | for William J. Grimm, DO

December 20, 2016 was the day that I suddenly lost my husband of 21 years. I started seeing Dr. Grimm right after that. He spent 2 hours with me at the end of a busy workday for him getting to know me and listening to my story. He listened and was sympathetic, supportive, caring, and we even laughed. I cannot say enough good about Dr. Grimm and his amazing staff. They have been awesome with me since joining. Dr. Grimm is one of the most professional, knowledgeable, intuitive, and respectful doctors I have ever seen. There is nothing I cannot discuss with him, and I feel in my heart that he and his staff always have my best interest at the forefront of my treatment. He has helped me in so many ways since the death of my husband, helping with therapy, allowing me to talk and cry to him, all the while continuing to give me great physical care. I can only give 5 stars but would easily give more. Im planning on being a very long term patient of Dr. Grimm. Thank you so much for everything Dr. Grimm!!!