Cancer number 3

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| January, 23 2024 | for Barry Schumer, MD
Image provided by: Ralph

I have been diagnosed with cancer 3 times. Each time Dr. Barry Schumer was thorough and referred me to a specialist early. Thanks to Dr. Schumer I have survived each cancer with only one type of treatment and all of them are now considered cured.

This is my most recent cancer story—cancer number three.
I expected my 2021 yearly wellness exam to be routine. I was feeling fine and did not have any symptoms of any kind. Then the lab work came back and revealed that my PSA was elevated. The lab number was not alarmingly high, but Dr. Schumer noted that it had increased over the past year and referred me to a urologist. He did the dreaded prostate exam and did not feel anything alarming but ordered additional labs to be certain. The second set of labs added to the suspicion of cancer. Scans and biopsy confirmed prostate cancer in 6 of 8 of the samples. The urologist recommended surgical removal of the prostate. I trust Dr. Schumer without reservation and consulted with him prior to agreeing. He consulted with the surgeon and made me comfortable with the treatment plan. I underwent surgery and thankfully it had not spread and I did not need further treatment. This has been the most difficult cancer recovery of the three cancers, there were more social consequences and I was nervous about traveling. Dr. Schumer knows I am an avid horseplayer and helped me with treatment options that made it possible for me to go to Saratoga Springs NY to my favorite racetrack. I have attached a picture of me living my best life, relaxing at Saratoga playing a pick 5!

Dr. Schumer is a wonderful doctor and I know my health is in the most capable hands.