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| June, 29 2021 | for Ashley Stiegler, MD

My 87 year old Mother has been a patient of Dr. Ashley Stiegler for many years. However as Mom's health began declining several years ago I became her caretaker and involved in all of her medical appointments, tests, hospitalizations, treatments and ongoing medical care. Dr. Stiegler has provided not only quality medical care but has shown great compassion and caring for not only Mom but also for me. And I'm not her patient. There have been many times I've contacted Dr. Stiegler after hours or on a weekend since Mom has numerous health issues. She always responds and provides me with direction to be able to provide the best care for my Mom. I have been able to take pictures of specific issues and send them to her so that I wouldn't have to get my mom out of the house, especially during COVID pandemic. As Mom continued to decline, Dr. Stiegler provided me with resources; this led to Mom being able to receive in-home aid, which not only helps my mom but takes some of the daily care off of me. Dr. Stiegler not only cares deeply for her patient, my mom, but also for me! I am ever so grateful for Dr. Stiegler's personal attention and care of my mom (and me) as we navigate down the path of aging.