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| January, 19 2024 | for John G. Ramsbottom Jr., MD

In today's busy and complex medical world, many times wrought with impersonality, you can sometimes find yourself in a maze of confusion lacking clarity, It is in those times, you need someone knowledgeable, one you have come to trust, to be there,
Recently, my wife had to have surgery to remove a breast implant (recently replaced from a former mastectomy(, An infection ensued and became abscesses
The surgeon on call at ER performed the surgery well and cleaned and cultured the area and put in drains.
We had a lot of questions. What caused the infection? Why after two months did the infection manifest itself? What type of bacteria was responsible? How serious is this? Can it spread?
The doctors in the hospital did a fine job but they were very busy with other cases so you don't get to hear a whole lot of answers to what is running through your mind.
Let's call Dr. John Ramsbottom, our MDVIP personal physician. It was the weekend when this all occurred but Doctor R answered the phone and was there to answer our questions and assure us we were on course. The next morning, he stopped by the hospital to visit my wife. Again, lending support and checking in her status. After her release, he called us to see how things were going.
A few days later, the surgeon called to tell us the cultures were back from lab and they had isolated the bacteria which had a name the size of the alphabet. Again, we had questions the surgeon didn't cover. We called Dr R and got answers to our questions. The next morning Dr R called again to elaborate more on what we discussed.
My wife and I are comforted to know we have Dr R in our corner, someone who knows you, someone who cares.
We are fortunate to have him as our advocate, advisor and a voice we trust, as our physician.
Many folks around here complain about physicians being aloof and impersonal.
I just smile and say, not my doctor.
We have a doctor who cares.