A classmate of Dr. Estock recommended him to me. I could not have gotten a better gift.

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| March, 25 2020 | for David S. Estock, MD

This is less a story and more the ongoing outstanding care I receive. I have had great doctors since I was a child growing up in Baltimore. My first doctor died several years ago and his only wish of me was that I would celebrate his funeral Mass. it was an honor. His daughters and I were good friends. When I came to Delaware 12 years ago, one of my priests, a grade school classmate of Dr. David Estock, recommended him. I could not have gotten a better gift. He is so well versed in all that is happening in medicine. He is just a genuinely good sincere Catholic Christian gentleman. An added gift is he always sends me to the specialists in whom he has the most confidence. They too have been outstanding. He is always focused during visits, calm, peaceful yet clear and firm. One day I went to see him with colitis in my elbow. I asked if he could give me antibiotics and he calmly said go directly to the emergency room at St. Francis. By doing so I was better within 24 hours. Happy National Doctors Day! I am sure you are more than busy during our present crisis. Be safe. I pray for you.