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| May, 23 2021 | for Anthony W. DeLorenzo, DO

Dr. DeLorenzo recommended colonoscopy ten years ago but I did not want it. My excuse was that it was clumsy and I had no problem with
my bowel movement. But last year Dr. DeLorenzo was more concerned because of his experience with previous patients and he persuaded me to get a Colloguard test. The test was done in August 2020. The result was positive. So colonoscopy was done which should a small area of malignant cells. In February I underwent an operation where the Doctor removed a section of the colon containing the malignant area. The Biopsy showed other areas were normal.

I thank Dr. DeLorenzo for persuading me to take the test otherwise I would not had a colonoscopy. And that would have created serious problem for me.