Comforting power of an awesome doctor

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| March, 1 2020 | for Francis Mueller, MD

After interviewing and contracting Dr Francis ( Frank ) Mueller, my wife and I were anticipating good, complete and timely concierge medicine as we aged. Now, years later, even our high expectations have been exceeded. Dr Frank has become far, far more than our care giver.
He listens, he tests, he reads, he researches and he comforts. Whether the visit is for a minor issue or something more significant ( Transient Global Amnesia ) , a feeling of calm envelops upon having Dr Frank enter the exam room. He always asks key questions, thoroughly checks and draws conclusions while discussing options. Patient health is paramount and we always leave knowing what should be done to help mend.
He always takes time to discuss family, overall physical and emotional health and future activities leading to good quality of life.
Even if tests show issues not directly related to the current conditions, Dr Frank calmly lays out the game-plan and step by step approach to treatment or referral.
Far more than just our great concierge physician, he is a friend, confidant and hope.
It is a blessing that we have Dr Frank and we are thrilled with our choice and hope to do our part to help him keep us healthy.
He is the Gold Standard of family intern and sets the bar almost unreachable with his bedside manner, smile, warmth and laugh.