Complete Trust and Appreciation

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| March, 13 2020 | for William W. Bucy, MD

Dr. Bucy has been my doctor since the early 90's. From the first time i met him i felt completely at ease and confidant that I was where I needed to be. Dr. Bucy has seen me through three bouts of CA. He referred me to wonderful surgeons, the right surgeons. I'm in remission now and have Dr. Bucy to thank for so much. He doesn't leave any stone unturned where my health is concerned. I've said so many times if Dr. Bucy wanted me to take my medicine standing on my head I would do it. I value his knowledge, his dedication to his patients and the field of medicine, and his wit. I am a truly blessed patient because of my doctor, Dr. William Bucy. I cannot say enough how much I appreciate him and Thank him for such wonderful care through the years. God Bless You Dr. Bucy...even though you root for Ole Miss!!!!