Completely dedicated physician

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| February, 28 2020 | for Christopher W. Ley, MD

I have many stories about my experience with Dr. Christopher Ley, but there is one that stands out. In 2017 I was hospitalized for an unspecified " heart event" on a holiday weekend. after going in to a local hospital ER for a slight breathing problem. After admission I phoned Dr. Ley on his cell phone at night simply to let him know what had transpired. By early the next morning he had arranged my transfer to a hospital more appropriately suited to my condition , and had a cardiologist of high standing take my case. Further testing and a catheterization later the cardiologist and Dr. Ley had arranged another transfer for me that put me in the hands of the preeminent surgeon in my area who ultimately performed a quintuple bypass, which I then learned was a CABG5 in the cardiac care world. Of course it is unknown what would have happened to me if Dr. Ley were not involved, but I doubt that I would have gained immediate access to the best specialists available without his personal intervention.
During all of my procedures and my recovery Dr. Ley was in continual conversation with the doctors treating me which gave me great peace of mind. it was a case of having a trusted personal physician overseeing your care by other trusted physicians. The comfort that this afforded my wife and family cannot be overstated. Additionally, Dr. Ley visited me after his own office hours several times during my hospitalization. I could not have expected more attention if he was a member of my own family!
Now, three years later, Dr. Ley continues to follow my progress, keeps in touch with my cardiologist; and he has become the primary care physician for other members of my family. I have complete trust and confidence in his judgment and competence, and I am very grateful to be a patient of his. He has made a huge difference in my life and I unreservedly recommend him to others.