Concerned, Caring, and Insightful

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| March, 10 2020 | for Leslie C. Murphy, MD

Dr. Leslie Murphy has been my doctor for close to 10 years and in every visit, I feel that she is concerned and that it's like having a personal doctor. While not on call day and night, she has demonstrated commitment to me thru hospital visits, phone calls, and a willingness to work me in during her busy times. In Dr. Murphy's caring nature, she exhibits a professional and personal nature that gives you a sense of her genuine effort to help you get better. I tell my wife, who is also her patient, that she better not mention a concern, unless she wants Dr. Murphy to delve into the issue and ultimately, either deal with it or refer you to a specialist in the field of the problem. In addition, she insists that her staff make sure you keep the appointment, or tell her why you didn't see the specialist. In my 77 years, being in different cities and states, I can honestly say that Dr. Murphy is the most insightful physician that I've ever had. Also, she not only gives you her view or diagnosis, but, has the courtesy to ask you what you think about the situation. It is refreshing to see her smile, her honesty and integrity, as well as her ability to say, "I just don't know." Adding to her excellence is the fact that she has gathered an extremely competent staff that knows you, calls you by name, and follows up on any needed situation. To put it succinctly, Dr. Leslie Murphy is a gift to our community and one who has brought joy and health to my life.