Cuts through the Confusion

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| March, 12 2020 | for Bruce K. Lowell, MD

Dr. Lowell has helped me so often that it’s hard to choose one nugget here, but this one stands out. Some time ago I developed a condition called “drop foot.” A clinical podiatrist and an orthopedic surgeon, both looking at the same MRI of my spine, had different views — the podiatrist insisted the problem was in my back, the surgeon said my back was OK. I was awfully confused and didn’t know where to turn next … and then, out of nowhere, Dr. Lowell called me. He had received reports from both doctors and said, “I’ll bet you’re pretty confused now.” He explained why he thought the problem was not my back, and advised me to get to a neurologist. And when I couldn’t find one who was available within the next six weeks, Dr. Lowell called a great neurologist personally and got me an immediate appointment. The cause of the drop foot was located in my knee, and it was fixed with surgery soon after. This is one small example of the many times I felt that Dr. Lowell went above and beyond. He’s a great doctor … and a great guy!