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| March, 11 2020 | for David DeAtkine Jr, MD, FACE

I have type 1 diabetes - for 40 years. I know my body and its needs. Dr. DeAtkine is the first endocrinologist I've been to, and I've experienced many in my diabetes "career", who listens, discusses with me, and then considers options to find the best plan that works for me. He doesn't just listen, we have a conversation about the best treatment for me individually. As my needs change, he is willing to help me determine what best meets those needs. He stays current on the never ending improvements and treatments for diabetes care, and other illnesses, as well.
He is the best diagnostician! He always has a recommendation for my non-textbook problems. I believe he literally saved my life on more than one occasion. On one occasion, while he was on vacation out of the country, he reviewed test results for me that needed immediate attention. He promptly directed his staff to follow through.
He always returns calls promptly and talks to me as if I am his only patient. His sincere attitude and his incredible knowledge of practical and technical healthcare, make me feel like I can confidently discuss any health care with him. He makes excellent referrals when needed.
He has also staffed his office with similar minded employees who are also patient oriented. They are the best!
I can't say enough good about why I continue to subscribe to MDVIP's David DeAtkine. I can't imagine medical care without him and his staff. Thank you Dr. DeAtkine for your commitment to your patients and for your patience in general.