David Zekser: A Great Doc!

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| February, 18 2022 | for David Zekser, MD

As I said in the headline, David Zekser is a great doctor. He has knowledge, compassion, empathy, and patience. And he listens. So many doctors don't. He never makes me feel rushed. He explains everything and is meticulous about being sure I understand what he is saying. I am lucky that I don't have anything serious wrong with me; nevertheless, he outlined a "stay heathy" plan for me which I do follow. You ask how he changed my life. That's easy. My life changed knowing that I have a terrific doctor I can count on. That makes all the difference. He was my doctor when he practiced in Fort Lauderdale. When he told me he was going to become an MDVIP doctor in Boca Raton, I didn't even think twice about following him there. It wouldn't surprise me if many of his other patients followed him as well. He is THAT good. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.