"Definition of a Great Physician"

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| March, 11 2020 | for Tibor C. Kopjas, MD

I became a patient of Dr. Kopjas near the beginning of his medical career. As soon as my only child became of age to leave her pediatrician, Dr. Kopjas received her as his patient. Over the past few decades we've dealt with a variety of health issues. It amazes me how one person can be so knowledgeable. Early in his practice, Dr. Kopjas dealt with nearly all of his patients' needs, which are now met by a multitude of specialty practitioners. His ability to diagnosis and treat so many different conditions is amazing. He also has a remarkable ability of putting his patients at ease. Prior to joining the MD VIP team, Dr. Kopjas had a tremendously large practice. Yet, he never made his patients feel "rushed". He listens to his patients with "patience". He is always sensitive to the situation at hand and deals with his patients in a kind and caring manner. I place my trust in him implicitly, for both my daughter's and my medical care. There's never been a doubt in my mind that being a physician was Dr. Kopjas' lifelong "calling". He wears his "title" well, but without being pompous or egotistical. His demeanor is that of just a "regular fellow doing his job to the best of his ability". Through the years, I've NEVER seen him when he didn't have a smile and a kind word. I wish every physician would give their patients the kind of caring service he offers his patients. A quick anecdote: My daughter is a die-hard "Star Trek TNG" fan. A couple of years ago my daughter went to Dr. Kopjas for a routine exam. Upon entering the exam room, Dr. Kopjas smiled at her, shook her hand and greeted her with a greeting in the "Klingon" (a fictional species) language. He had remembered how much she enjoyed Star Trek and that she loved linguistics! With his heavy workload he had taken the time to research and learn to speak a phrase just to bring a smile to my daughter's face. What physician does such a thoughtful thing??!! I dare to say, "No other!" May God bless this wonderful man (and his incredible staff!) for the work he continues to do in caring for his sick patients and helping his other patients maintain a health-related quality of life. I wish Dr. Kopjas a long, healthy, prosperous and happy life, as he continues to strive to keep me, my daughter and his many other patients healthy, as well. He deserves to be "celebrated" every day of the year!