Devotion Personified!

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| March, 11 2020 | for Shari B. Rosenbaum, MD

Did you ever meet someone who made you feel special? A doctor that made you feel like you're their most important patient? Well that is how Dr. Rosenbaum makes her patients feel. Her attention, devotion, knowledge of each person, professionalism mixed with warmth & caring puts her light years ahead of any other doctor.
When I was hospitalized one evening Dr. Rosenbaum showed up at 10:30 PM. I asked why she's working so late. Turned out she was home, comfy & relaxing when she was notified about me.
Instead of getting a good nights sleep, and checking on me in the morning....there she was!!!
My husband & I greatly appreciate knowing that Dr. Rosenbaun is a phone call away when needed.
We can't thank her enough!
We'd like to acknowledge her nurse Lisa.....also an exceptional, kind, caring professional!