The Difference a Cell Phone # Made

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| March, 14 2020 | for Gregory A. Hood MD MACP FRCP

I was attending a women's retreat in March, 2019 and began feeling bad. Since joining MDVIP, I had Dr. Hood's cell phone #, so I texted him telling him how I felt. He told me a few things to do while away and made an appointment for me for that Friday after I returned home. On Friday, he sent me for a chest x-ray (stat) at the hospital. That night he called me telling me I had a "well-developed case of pneumonia". Since my husband and I were planning to head to Florida that Sunday, he rushed some antibiotic prescriptions through for me and told me to check in with him occasionally. After a couple of days in Florida, I began having other issues and texted Dr. Hood. He sent me to another MDVIP doctor near me and told me to check in with him daily. Being able to communicate with Dr. Hood through a rough couple of weeks so far from home was extremely reassuring. Even though I haven't had a need to text or call Dr. Hood since that time, it gives me great comfort knowing the option is there if the need arises!