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| March, 13 2020 | for Mark D. Wasserman, MD

Doc, Wasserman has been my doctor for over 45 years. Many of these earlier years he was also my children's doctor. I am healthy and fit today because of his professionalism and expertise in the medical field. I have never been in his office, or presence, without feeling very comfortable with whatever ailment I was dealing with. He starts off the medical session with a few of his great jokes. He continues to keep me laughing throughout the entire visit, When necessary, he will set up an appointment with another doctor if more care is needed for whatever is ailing me.
"Doc" has become a friend over our years together and it is with great pleasure that I have referred many of my co-workers and friends to Dr, Wasserman. They certainly would join in with me on this testimonial to this great man. He is a true professional and family friend, I always look forward to being with him, under any circumstance. You are "one of a kind" for of the right reasons. See ya soon buddy. Gerry S.