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| April, 1 2020 | for Nicholas J. Garcia DO, FAAFP

We started with MDVIP when our family physician began his MDVIP career. He was a beloved and excellent doctor. When he retired it was hard, but he assured us that we would be in very good hands with our new doctor. Dr Garcia moved into position as our new MDVIP doctor, and we can say with confidence that we are in good hands. We can trust him to care about not only our physical well being, but about our whole being wellness.
It is a challenging job considering the troubling times we're in. The covid19 outbreak came not long after Dr Garcia came into office. He has proven to be thoroughly engaged in not only providing caring and quality routine healthcare, but also in emergency care and in educating all of his patients in the ongoing pandemic. It is very obvious that he does comprehensive research into all areas that affect his patients' health. Thank you, Dr Garcia.