Doctor Dan!

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| March, 13 2020 | for Daniel M. Ratnarajah, MD

Dr. Dan is the best! He has been our Doctor ever since he came to Oneida, We love the fact that we can get to him 24/7! He is a very caring person and it means a lot that he has the time to talk to his patients when they need to. He takes the time to listen! He sometimes calls us at home to see how we are doing after we have been to see him.
He has programs that we can go to and get information, he even has a kickboxing class for anyone who wants to participate. also walking in good weather. We plan on seeing Dr.Dan forever!
I'm not a highly educated person so I don't know all the big words to express myself but I do know that Dr. Dan rates very high in my book!
Anyone looking for great Doctor care should consider him for their primary care.