Doctor of Excellence - Robert L. Schiff, MD

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| March, 3 2024 | for Robert L. Schiff, MD

Doctor of Excellence - Robert L. Schiff, MD The definition of a "Doctor" is a qualified practitioner of medicine, a physician. Dr. Robert L. Schiff (Hawaii) who has been our families Primary Care Physician since the mid-1980's; almost 40 years and counting is more than just a Doctor to me, my husband and my dad -- all MDVIP members. Dr. Robert L. Schiff has always been there throughout the years during the good times and the bad. To name a few. From vertigo and bronchitis to influenza, a badly sprain ankle to Barrett Esophagus and nucleus corn on a toe to Latissimus Dorsi muscle injury and pre-diabetes for myself. To a torn meniscus, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes and influenza for my husband. And degenerative arthritis of the hips and hypertension and high cholesterol to borderline hypothyroidism and basal cell carcinoma on right cheek to dropped head syndrome, peripheral edema in legs progressing to weeping edema, shingles, kidney disease and influenza for my dad. Dr. Robert L. Schiff is the most efficient, inspiring and innovative Doctor we know. In general, our high cholesterol count is much lower and under control; our A1C level is significantly lower and is being maintained; my Barrett Esophagus is negative; dad's dropped head syndrome is extremely better allowing him more mobility and flexibility that enables him to sleep on the bed now. In addition, his peripheral edema in both legs which progresses to weeping edema is nearly back to normal. Dr. Robert l. Schiff's precautionary measures have enabled us to avoid getting COVID-19 and shingles, while decreasing the number of times we have gotten influenza from once a year to once every 5 to 7 years. Dr. Robert L. Schiff, also keeps us informed by sharing the latest news and articles of interest from MDVIP and his personal experience to being a active part of the community and always finding ways to give back. Three very unique and special events, included 1) coordinating a local charity walk for all MDVIP members; 2) raising and collecting items for a local charity food drive; and 3) providing complimentary dance lessons to his patients. In addition, whenever we have a requirement for data and/or information, it's always provided within 24 hours. Dr. Robert L. Schiff is an exceptionally wonderful "Doctor" because he not only "listens" to his MDVIP members with a kind heart but is also a humble, considerate and compassionate person. Anyone who has a medical degree can be called a doctor but a exceptional doctor who strives for excellence in everything he does for his MDVIP patients is called "Dr. Robert L. Schiff".