Doctor Hoffman

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| March, 11 2020 | for Scott D. Hoffman, MD

I am a comeback to MDVIP. Started with an MDVIP doctor in Maryland and loved the care I received. Upon retirement my husband and I moved to another state. That state had many nationally known medical faciltites so we thought we could go to a primary care doctor affiliated with one of these facilities. After 4 years of getting so-so medical treatment, my husband and I looked for an MDVIP doctor. We found Dr. Hoffman! We have been with him a little less than a year, but now my husband and I again feel we are being listened to as a person and not as a number. I no longer get surveys after visits to ask how long I waited in the waiting room, how long to see the doctor- not one question about the quality of care I received or doctor attentiveness. I know I can call Dr Hoffman's office and be listened to. I also get a personal call within a couple days to discuss test results, rather than an automated email. From Dr. Hoffman to all the staff in the office my husband and I now feel we have a partner in our medical care.