A Doctor that Listens

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| February, 12 2024 | for Cedric T. Barnes, DO

I have been a patient of Dr. Barnes of Milford Delaware for about 18+ years. He was the FIRST Doctor who ever listened to me about my headaches. I am now 58 years old. I started getting horrible headaches when I was a Freshman in high school. I was in an advanced program at a statewide school. The pressure was enormous to be succeed and thrive. I began with the worst headaches I had ever experienced in my 15 years. Of course we went to doctors and was told she is young and under stress etc. This headaches continued into my 20's. Doctor after Doctor same thing, stress. When I was married and moved to Delaware the pain worsened. Found a new Doctor who continued with the stress theory. After a call to this new Doctor one weekend where he proceeded to tell my husband I was a hysterical female and to take Tylenol I had had enough of him. That Monday I found Doctor Barnes. He did a complete exam and ordered some imaging studies. Within a week I was diagnosed with Migraines given some preventive medicines and an interrupter for when they did occur. While the migraines did not go away we were able to manage the pain and slow down the frequency. Doctor Barnes was the ONLY Doctor who did not brush me off and label me a "Hysterical Female". After 10 years of dealing with the pain finally some relief. He has gotten me through some major issues, treated and beat Diabetes together, major surgeries and of course all the sniffles with humor and the utmost care. I did leave Doc B when he went to MDVIP. Within 16 months I was back with him. He is a Doctor I trust, feel comfortable telling him anything and I know he has no problems saying we need to have another Doctor help us with this issue if needed. I appreciate Doctor Barnes and respect him immensely. I dread the day he wants to retire!!