Doctor Steven P. Winkler, MD, FACP

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John aka Jack
| February, 26 2024 | for Steven P. Winkler, MD, FACP

I do not have a single-story about Dr. Winkler but a plethora of stories as he a has been my primary physician since 2017. Dr. Winkler is special because of the way both he and his staff treat you from the beginning to end to your appointment. I can honestly say they have my best interest at heart in how they address my needs and concerns. Whether I am at the office for a routine physical or something much more demanding they always take the time to listen and address my problems. One incident where my toe was bleeding my thought was that it was minor in nature, as soon as Doc (as I call him) saw it he put me in the hospital immediately. He not only put me into the hospital but called on several specialists to immediately treat my foot therefore preventing a disastrous outcome. I was in the hospital for ten days until he deemed it safe for me to leave. I felt he not only treated the issue at hand but saw the potential dangers in what I though was something minor in nature. This is just one example of the many incidents over the past seven years that I have been his patient where I consider myself lucky to have such a knowledgeable and caring man as my physician and most importantly someone whom I consider my friend. Dr. Winkler is exemplary in his practice of what a doctor should be to their patients. Most of all the relationship he has with his patients is what sets him apart from most doctors. It is with these thoughts in mind as I sort through what is seemingly my daily routine of doctor's visits that I reminisce about the leader of my medical "team". The doctor has assembled a group of physicians by where I consider myself both lucky grateful that Dr. Winkler is my physician. I can only hope that he will be my physician for the foreseeable future for this kind and remarkable doctor, his family and his dogs.