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| March, 10 2020 | for Mythe Laramie, MD

My experience with Dr. M. Laramie is through my mother but it speaks WAY loudly to me! I feel so blessed that we found him and have totally regretted that we did not know of him sooner. My mother. 85ish at the time of our first meeting with him was vibrant and independent living at the time. She had no major issues so the care she received did not at the time appear life saving, however, Dr. Laramie does not need you to be on the edge of non existence for him to put his all into your well being. At the time we started with him he was into the "general" doctor game which allots you about a 15 minute or less window. Never did Dr. Laramie let this be the way he conducted himself, and it was only happenstance if the appointment was that brief. He was and is always very thorough and explains everything he does in terms we can understand. If he does not "find" anything in regards to our concerns, he lets us know why. He always asks my mother the questions he would like answers to even tho now she had suffered a stroke so is harder to understand and she has more difficulty with comprehension. When he doesn't get a complete answer he looks to me, and if I don't think she answered well enough I will add whatever and he is always very receptive to that. He has just made us both feel safe well cared for. He in my opinion is just eh best doctor I have ever had privilege to be with.