Doctor Wacks is an outstanding awesome doctor!

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| March, 22 2018 | for Robert A. Wacks, MD

Doctor Wacks is an outstanding awesome doctor! Doctor Wacks has taken excellent care of my family for 34 years! He is always available and willing to talk over the phone or have you come to the office right away! I love his office staff as well! Arlene his nurse is very special! She is very kind ,caring ,helpful , always willing to help, takes the time to talk to you and treats you like a friend!
Daniel Doctor Wacks son is wonderful ! He greets you and is always willing to help set up an appointment and he is very pleasant on the phone. He actually helps patients understand the insurance information and helped me select the right one for me!
Dr. Wacks saved my Dads life and helped prolong it! My dad had heart problems and had to have open heart surgery where he lived in Melbourne Fl. After about 4 years he started having signs of congestive heart failure like he was drowning at night. He got very little sleep for years. His doctor gave him medications and tried different things but finally said there was nothing left. I insisted my dad come down to West Palm Beach and have a consultation with Dr. Wacks and a check up. Dr. Wacks was kind enough to see him and perscribed a medication. That evening my dad stayed the weekend and Dr.,Wacks called to,check on him!
The next morning my dad said that was the first night in years that he was able to,sleep through the night and he felt great! He came down once a month to see dr. Wacks. Dad lived a comfortable life after seeing Dr. Wacks and had more years added to his life. And I will never ever forget what Dr. Wacks did to help my dad. Years later my husband had to have anew aortic valve put in. Dr. Wacks recommended the top dog in the field Dr. Malcom Dorman. We went to him and Bill had the surgery and was supposed to be able to go home in 5 days. But he had a code blue and had to stay 18 days in ICU. Dr. Dorman told me after surgery Bill got to ICU his stitches didn't hold and the doctor told me that it was bad and the only thing he could do was use glue I said do whatever it takes. The Doctor told me stitching his aorta was like trying to sew crepe paper it kept tearing. So he opened him up again and did the glue. Dr. Wacks told me that if we hadn't gone to Dr. Dorman Bill would not have made it! So he actually saved his life.
Doctor Wacks is the best doctor ever! He cares so much about each and everyone of his patients. And he's kind, caring and always ready to help you in anyway he can. He has called me several times in the evening to check on how is was doing I feel truly blessed that I found Doctor Wacks and owe him so much for helping to prolong my Dad and Husbands lives. Dr. Wacks is truly and angel! My husbands surgery lasted 22years and when he had to go by ambulance to the hospital I called Dr. Wacks and he spoke to the attending physician on my phone he tried to make arrangement s to have Bill sent to the heart hospital. But they had to get him stable,first. Bill went by helicopter to that hospital and when I got there the Doctor told me there was nothing they could do. I called Dr. Wacks and he said he'd speak to,the Chief Surgeon and when he said they told him they couldn't operate I called Bills heart surgeon Dr. Dorman and he called on his behalf as well. But no one could help him. If it wasn't for Dr.Wacks getting the Helicopter and a place at JFK as well as calling ahead to give them the information about Bill he never would have made it to that hospital.
There were a couple other times when Bill had problems and Dr. Wacks met us late at the hospital and got everything going for Bill as he was septic.
Dr. Wacks is a doctor that goes well beyond what is expected and always finds solutions and help. He is truly one in a million! A very very very SPECIAl one of a kind Doctor!