Doctor Wacks is a truly amazing doctor!

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| March, 22 2018 | for Robert A. Wacks, MD

Doctor Wacks is a truly amazing doctor! He has been a part of my families lives for 30 + years.
Doctor Wacks actually helped prolong my dads life. He lived in Melbourne Florida and had heart problems and finally open heart surgery. His heart eventually enlarged so much that his lungs were filling up with water. He had to sleep sitting up for about 3 years his personal Doctor tried medications but finally said there was nothing he could do! So I insisted he let me bring him to Doctor Wacks. Doctor Wacks was kind enough to see him for a consultation and check up.
He immediately knew what to do!!! He tried a medication he knew would help him. That evening Doctor Wacks even called my house to check on my dad, he was doing well. My dad stayed at my house that weekend and in the morning he woke up elated that it was the first time in 3 years he actually got a good night sleep and didn't feel like he was drowning and had to get up.
I was so excited my entire family was thrilled and indebted to the brilliance of Doctor Wacks!
Dad came to West Palm Beach Fl. To see him once a month. It was wonderful! He made the last few years of his life happy and livable . We will never forgethow Doctor Wacks helped my Dad and entire family.
Doctor Wacks was my Doctor and my husbands Doctor for over 30 years. He actually helped saved my husbands life as well. My husband had to have an Aorta Valve replacement and he recommended the top Doctor to do it. It was suppose to be maybe a 5 day or less stay but wound up being 18 days. Bill my husband had very thin veins and after surgery the Doctor came in and said it went well his friends went home and I was alone. About a half hour or so later I was walking to the elevator to go get coffee and I heard code blue Dr. Dorman. I ran into ICU they had just wheeled someone in and everyone was around the person. I was asking if it was my husband and no one would tell me they put me in a room and said the Doctor would be in to see me. The Doctor came in and told me the stitches burst open and his skin was like trying to stitch crepe paper.
He said the only thing he could think of was to use glue. I said I didn't care do whatever it takes. He said he wasn't sure it would work. So they opened him up again and tried to repair it. He left him open for several hours to make sure it held. It had burst because his blood pressure started to go up!
This Doctor was as good as Doctor Wacks had said Dr. Wacks later told me if it would have happened with another surgeon they probably wouldn't have done that and Bill would have died. Bill lived 22 years after that and we had a wonderful fulfilling life together going on many trips etc. All of that was because Doctor Wacks got us to the right Doctor.
Doctor is a compassionate, kind, brilliant, hard working sincere Doctor! And we have been blessed to have him as our Doctor and feel he is more like our good friend as well. I will never ever forget Him! ❤️ 2016 Dr. Wacks helped me again when Bills artery opened I called him when we were in the fire truck and when we got to the local hospital and had him talk to the attending physician they were not equipped to handle the problem so they spent a lot of time preparing him for transport by helicopter to JFK and Doctor Wacks called ahead to have things ready for Bill, when I got there they said nothing could be done he was still alive and in a room and I refused to believe it I called Dr. Wacks and then I called Dr. Dorman and they both talked to the head surgeon. I was devasted! Dr. Wacks even came to Bills funeral! As well as his fantastic nurse Arlene.