A Doctor Who Truly Cares

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| January, 20 2021 | for Randal P. Riesett, MD
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I have been a patient of Dr. Randal Riesett for many years. I am in relatively good health but have had breast cancer and have high blood pressure. Dr. Riesett has brought my hypertension under control for years and monitors it closely. I like that he does not always prescribe drugs, but believes in achieving good health with physical therapy when knees hurt, good nutrition when numbers from physical need a little attention, and he explains what is going on with any illness that I have. If drugs are required, he explains what it is, how it will help, and makes sure that I only take what is required for a timeframe that is really necessary. He refers me to the very best physicians when something is wrong such as the breast cancer and the knee problems.
Prior to MDVIP, I could not spend a lot of time with him but he still made sure that when I called, he made time for me. Now with MDVIP, he spends a lot of time teaching me about my health. I can ask any questions and he takes the time to make sure I understand the illness and the treatment. I feel very comfortable with Dr. Riesett. He is a great doctor. Since MDVIP, I have also had the opportunity to know a lot more about him and his family.