Dr. Altree, a reassuring person.

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| March, 15 2020 | for Victoria A. Altree, MD

I am an 80 Years old woman under Dr. Altree's care and she has made an incredible imprint on my health and well being. More than diagnosing and prescribing medicines, she has been a reassuring "therapist". She calms me down and talks to me about my health and explains why I am having a certain problem. (Generally my husband accompanies me to our meeting since I am not that fluent in English! In fact he has transcribed this story in English). Dr. Altree talks to us both. Recently I had a bad dry cough episode for several weeks. It was almost non stop. I was literally tired and was crying. I made several visits to Dr. Altree and she was also intensely researching and handed us an information about the causes behind my problems and explained them. I went through an ENT evaluation and with no success. Finally, the cause was right in the handout she had given and we have not read! It was the Ace inhibitor in my BP medicine and my problems instantly dis appeared! But she never gave up on me! I should also mention the assistance of her nurse, Jamie Holler. Very competent and compassionate. She is always there for me. I feel blessed that I have these two individuals helping me to be healthy!