Dr. Alyssa Degnan and her staff rank THE BEST!

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| January, 24 2022 | for Dr. Alyssa M. Degnan
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I was privileged to have Dr. Alyssa Degnan as my primary care physician prior to her association with MDVIP. When she made the move to MDVIP, I wondered whether or not it would be worth it from a financial standpoint to follow her. I made the decision that it would be and it was an excellent decision for me. Although she rendered wonderful care prior to her involvement with MDVIP, the extra time she and her caring staff have to render quality medical care to me has been well worth far more than I have paid for. I thought I was in pretty good health, but because of medical problems both of my parents had suffered from, I thought it would be good to have the specialized care that she provides and especially the extremely detailed physical done each year and the wellness recommendations that she dispenses.

Dr. Degnan’s availability at any moment has been priceless. I had a TIA early last year and my wife had her on the phone within 2-3 minutes with the good advice to get me to the hospital. That was on a Friday and after a battery of tests overnight, I was released on Saturday. On that Sunday, she had already reviewed the hospital records and was calling me to make recommendations and to set an immediate appointment. She has been available on other occasions on weekends and even when she was out of town when I felt I needed to call her.

Her beautiful office, caring staff, immediate availability, and the extensive medical knowledge that she has is truly a blessing. Knowing I am in such good hands as I grow older provides a comforting feeling for me.