Dr. Anthony DeLorenzo

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| March, 29 2021 | for Anthony W. DeLorenzo, DO

Dr. Anthony DeLorenzo is the best doctor I have ever had. Even before he joined MDVIP, I always felt that he took as much time as needed to discuss and explain my healthcare. When I have an appointment with him, he makes me feel that I am his most important patient, and I’m sure he does that with each one of us. I think that in an earlier time, he would probably have been one of those doctors who made house calls to ensure his patients care and comfort.
Although I don’t see a great difference in his treatment of patients pre- and post-MDVIP, I am happy for his sake that he joined. I think it enables him to practice medicine as he truly wishes rather than having a revolving door of patients who are ushered in and out as quickly as possible. But, just as important or perhaps even more important, I am glad that it enables him to safeguard his own health and well-being. Keeping up with journals, latest developments and treatments, in addition to the myriad other responsibilities of a busy practice can surely take its toll. A healthy doctor helps maintain the health of his or her patients.
Before the pandemic, Dr. DeLorenzo also had a Shop with the Doc event that was wonderful. He scheduled several sessions at Whole Foods, discussing some cookbooks and guiding us around the store as we discussed various products and even traded recipes. I believe he was considering other events related to exercise, etc. and I hope that we will be able to have these in the future. It builds a kind of partnership or community of people interested in maintaining and enhancing their health. I also appreciate his informational emails, as well. And, the Christmas letter and video of his song with his family singing were wonderful treats.
I also appreciate the fact that Dr. DeLorenzo has such wide-ranging interests in history, philosophy, literature, music, etc. There is research that indicates that the arts and humanities build empathy. Certainly Dr. DeLorenzo evinces empathy, compassion, and humanity in his concern for others. Those qualities, combined with his medical expertise and training, are invaluable.
I must also commend his staff at LifeMine Health. It’s no wonder that they, like him, are models of kindness and professionalism that make patients know they are in good hands every step of the way.