Dr. Anthony DeLorenzo is Amazing and Helped Us Back to Health

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| June, 17 2021 | for Anthony W. DeLorenzo, DO

In less than three months, Dr. DeLorenzo turned our lives around by caring enough to act proactively, quickly, and listening to what we said in words and actions. Both my husband and I joined MDVIP and chose Dr. DeLorenzo for our doctor. We both are in a healthier, happier, and more positive place than we were three months ago.
On my first visit, he found so many issues that could have been life-ending but were surely life-altering. Because he acted quickly to outrageous blood test results and sent me for screening tests, he found me to have asymptomatic carotid stenosis with over an 80% blockage. He referred me to a great vascular surgeon who operated in time to prevent a stroke. He worked with me to try to get my metabolism back on track and addressed all of the issues I had neglected during 15 months of COVID scares and many months before that!
The MDVIP screening tests provided a basis for knowing what we needed to do to have a fuller life!