Dr. Ashley Stiegler

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| May, 11 2020 | for Ashley Stiegler, MD

Over the last 12 years, I have been seeing doctor Ashley Stiegler. Initially, when she sent out the letter notifying her patients she was joining MDVIP, I was somewhat disappointed and very concerned I could not afford the service. Quite honestly, i did not know what it meant. I made a few phone calls to the MDVIP customer service line to research what fees were included in the service, and was happy to hear I was able to pay quarterly for my fee, AND the fee included my 25 year old daughter, who also has seen Doc Stiegler for 12 years!! Ashley Stiegler has been a listening, caring and knowledgeable doctor over the years, and I didn’t want to lose her —her expertise is worth the fee. It’s been a terrific decision! Included in the MDVIP fee, right away you are signed up for a health assessment, which included a comprehensive blood test and health evaluation. It was so good and reassuring to dive deeper into blood work regarding lipids, heart health, BMI assessment, diabetic markers etc. When the results were in, she visited with me explaining, in detail, the significance of the results. It was a very good start. In the MDVIP program- ANYTIME I have a question or concern, I can call her and talk w her. Seems odd to talk at length with your doctor over the phone, but that's exactly how this works. There is also a nice MDVIP app for your phone, where you can send her or her nurse, Karla, a text message (as long as it’s nothing urgent) and she replies. I feel I’ve got the best of both worlds—an experienced, trusted doctor and a direct line for me or my daughter should we need it. If you need or prefer an appointment in person, you are seen quickly. With all the Covid19 news, she’s been an invaluable resource keeping her patient base up to date and informed. Ashley Stiegler is a great doctor, and I’m loving the personalized attention! MDVIP is the future of healthcare! Thank you also Doctor Stiegler for your continued compassionate care, community service and dedication to your profession!